WBTF launches ‘Be Well’ strategy at UK Construction Week 2021

Trustees Richard Harral and Andy Von Bradsky are presenting at the Construction Week Wellbeing in Construction summit on October 6 where WBTF will formally launch its ‘Be Well’ strategy to improve health outcomes for people working in the Built environment industries.

The strategy is intended to support a positive improvement in the industries health and wellbeing culture through campaigning, collaboration and communication. Key projects include:

  • Project Open door – working with health providers to break down barriers to workers in the built environment accessing health advice and primary health care.
  • Project summit – working to establish a health and wellbeing network within the industry to join up efforts to improve peoples health outcomes.
  • The Sun-Safe project – campaigning to reduce the risk of skin cancer by ensuring workers exposed to the sun have the right information to protect themselves.

We have the opportunity to change health outcomes simply by breaking down information barriers and promoting a new and positive culture within the industry

We Build The Future are calling for business, organisations and individuals to get involved with our work by supporting our key projects;

Video highlights:

Watch video of our Construction Week launch of the Be Well strategy.



Interview with founder Richard Harral:

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